Friday, March 30, 2012

Breakfast 30-3-12 -- Chocolate Wheat Crepes with Bananas and Cinnamon Greek Yogurt

Still no batteries for my camera, boo!  On the upside, I'm feeling a bit better today so should be able to get out and buy some batteries (and more yummy groceries!) soon.

This morning I was craving crepes again.  Big surprise, huh?  I can't seem to get enough of them lately!  I used this recipe for basic crepes but instead of using half white flour, I used all wheat flour this time.  The wheat flour tasted wonderful!  I liked it even better than using all white flour or half-and-half.

We're out of bread and the halved crepe recipe makes two very large crepes in my non-stick pan so the first one was plain and reserved to be used for a wrap for lunch, with leftover steak.

In the remaining batter, I added a dash of ground cinnamon, vanilla, sugar-free sweetener, and a generous amount of cocoa powder (probably about 2-3 teaspoons).  The crepe smelled heavenly while cooking!  For the filling, I mixed a small amount of sweetener with plain greek yogurt and added a generous shake of ground cinnamon.  The cinnamon yogurt was smeared on the fresh chocolate crepe and topped with a sliced banana.  I rolled this crepe burrito-style and took a big bite!  Sooooo delicious!

Hope to have pictures again soon!