Thursday, March 29, 2012

Breakfast 29/3/12 -- Wheat Crepes with Strawberries and Coconut Greek Yogurt

I absolutely love crepes.  They're light, crispy, thin pancakes and are perfect for any fruit filling.  For whatever reason, crepes tend to be expensive to buy in restaurants so recently I decided I needed to learn how to make them at home!  I was amazed to discover the recipe is very simple and easy, so now I can enjoy crepes at home anytime without spending a fortune.

I used this recipe for basic crepes, with a couple minor tweaks.  I made only half a batch and substituted whole wheat flour for half the flour in the recipe.  I also added a tiny splash of vanilla and a pinch of sugar free sweetener, since I would be having my crepes with fruit instead of savory fillings.

Crepes are typically served with cream or chocolate filling and sweetened fruit but I wanted something light and healthy.  I still had a few strawberries to finish and a nearly empty container of plain greek yogurt.  What perfect fillings for my wheat crepes!

I mixed a tablespoon of unsweetened dried coconut, a dash of coconut extract, and a pinch of sugar free sweetener into the plain yogurt.  YUM!

Once my crepe cooled a bit, I was ready to begin working -- and eating!

I spread the coconut yogurt mixture onto one half of the crepe...

...and topped the yogurt with a generous amount of sliced fresh strawberries.

My non-stick pan is very large, which makes my crepes large.  I folded it into fourths to be more manageable!  I paired the crepe with a protein smoothie made of vanilla protein, milk, and half of a frozen banana.  Time to dig in!