Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Breakfast 28/3/12 -- Banana Strawberry Walnut Maple Oatmeal

During my last trip to the grocery store, I bought a ton of fruit.  I've been scrambling to eat it all before it spoils so lately my oatmeal (and other meals!) has been filled and topped with plenty of delicious fruit!  I don't mind that one bit!

I love to use ripe bananas in oatmeal and smoothies because they add a nice sweetness and creaminess.  One of my favorite oatmeal combinations is mashed banana, cinnamon, maple, and walnuts.  Tastes just like banana nut bread!  Since I have strawberries to use up and strawberries plus bananas are an awesome pair, I thought, "Why not banana strawberry nut bread?"  With my tummy rumbling, I ran to the kitchen to begin preparing my oats!

I cut a small banana in half then cut that half in half and placed the halves in a microwave-safe bowl.  Say that ten times fast!  I microwaved the banana for about 30 seconds to soften it.

Mash the softenened banana with a fork...

...then add a splash of milk and stir the mixture to a nice pudding-like texture.

Break up a portion of pre-cooked steel-cut oats and add milk.  Add diced strawberries (I used 2 medium strawberries) and mix the mashed banana, oats, milk, and strawberries.  Add any spices and sweeteners you'd like!  I used maple syrup and a bit of cinnamon.  Microwave the oats for 2-3 minutes, until warm and creamy.

Cut the rest of the banana half into small pieces and slice a few more strawberries to top the oatmeal!

Top the warm oats with fresh fruit and a sprinkle of chopped walnuts.  Eat and be merry!